Interview with Ilaria Mugnaini CEO & Designer Lesy for Children salon

Ilaria Mugnaini, CEO & Designer Lesy for Children salon

“Since its conception in 1964, Lesy has always very much been a family affair. Founded by Lisetta Cosi from the famous Ricci Italian fashion designer family, its heritage is in the art of Florentine craftmanship. All the beautiful designer dresses for girls are still to this day, lovingly crafted in Italy. Fast forward over 50 years and Lesy is now run by CEO Ilaria Mugnaini, daughter of Lisetta who was taught the art of design by her mother, having been passed down the generations by her grandmother. With the upcoming wedding season upon us, we spoke to Ilaria about her inspiration behind the beautiful Lesy dresses and her favourite pick of girls occasion dresses for the season”.

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D: What was your mother’s inspiration for creating the brand?

R: My mother always told stories through the beautiful Lesy dresses she made. Florence is an extremely important city, historically, but it also offers an incredible amount of creativity, therefore the city has always been a big muse for us. Where we live is a constant inspiration for us, we have the great privilege to be able to observe wonders and incredible works of art everywhere we are. Lesy is a visionary project, modern and innovative which merges fine quality, craftsmanship and creativity. This is our biggest quality which allows us to grow in new markets and forcefully lead an Italian fashion brand with a history going back over 50 years ago.

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